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About ISM

About the Israel Society for Microbiology (ISM)
The Israel Society for Microbiology was established in 1967, and is a non-profit organization that is legally registered in the Registrar of Associations. There are currently about 650 members in this Society, including scientists, graduate students from a variety of educational institutions in Israel, microbiologists from the fields of food and medicine, and from different sectors in industry, high school teachers, and more. 
The main purpose of the Israel Society for Microbiology is the cultivation and representation of the community engaged in basic and applied microbiology at the national and international level. The Association strives to encourage and promote scientific progress, alongside awakening the public at large to the contribution and importance of the Microbiology community to society and to the country.

The Association is managed by a governing council that is composed of the microbiology unit in academic institutions, members involved in industry and teaching, and a designated president, secretary and treasurer. The featured topics are decided on by all members of the association every 2 years for a period of 2 years. The general assembly meeting of all members of the society is held once a year, during the annual meeting, for the approval of financial reports and for the approval of board decisions.
The Annual Meeting of the Israel Society of Microbiology:
The highlight of the society’s activities is the occurrence of an annual conference that is usually held in February.
The conference is considered to be the most important meeting held in the field of microbiology in Israel.
Approximately 600 microbiologists attend this conference every year, amongst them top Israeli scientists and scientists invited from abroad. This conference provides exposure to areas of microbiology which are at the forefront of research in Israel in academia and industry, and creates a meeting point of these two worlds.
In addition, the meeting also provides an opportunity to become to the latest advances in a variety of cutting edge equipment and technologies presented by commercial companies.
Fall Workshop: About a hundred scholars and researchers from education and research institutions in Israel participate in this workshop. The small and intensive meeting allows the clarification of common interests and paves a path for scientific cooperation. In addition, this event serves as a platform for students to present their research through the presentation of short lectures and posters.
The activities of the Society are also dependent upon donations from industries in Israel: The Israel Society for Microbiology both appreciates and cherishes manufacturing companies’ annual contributions to the Association, thereby allowing her to sustain its operations. It is one of the ISM's aims to bridge the gap between industry and the academic community.
 The Association’s Prizes: in the framework of the annual meeting, the Israel Society of Microbiology grants awards to outstanding scientists and students. Additionally, the Association provides travel grants for students.
The Association co-operates, and has connections with various international organizations; therefore ISM membership automatically grants memberships to various international organizations such as FEMS.
Members of FEMS Member Societies can apply for research fellowships, an advanced fellowship (new as of 2006) and/or support when organizing a meeting. These benefits are restricted to members of FEMS societies only. 


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